What is Chiropractic?

Our bodies know how to heal. When given the correct alignment and nutritional environment there is little else necessary.

The art, science and philosophy of chiropractic emphasizes the nervous system’s interaction with the whole body. The brain communicates with every organ, muscle and even cell of the body via the spinal cord and the nerves coming off the cord. We as Chiropractors support that communication among the various systems by removing interference in the field, allowing the body to work it’s magic.


– Greater flexibility

– Postural correction

– Freedom of movement

– Decrease pain

What to expect

On your initial visit, Dr. Shirley will discuss with you in detail the history of your complaint, how you injured yourself, when and if have you had a similar injury in the past. She will perform a detailed exam, including orthopedic tests, blood pressure and general range of motion.

Dr. Shirley will determine the course of treatment and treatment plan necessary to correct your particular problem. While she manually makes corrections to the spine she may also make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to facilitate a rapid and complete recovery.

Many people are concerned that a chiropractic adjustment may be painful, and while it may be unusual for many especially if you have never had an adjustment, it is rarely painful. Most people feel an almost immediate relief.

Dr Watson has been adjusting spines for over 20 years, you can rest assured that you are in good, experienced hands.

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