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History, Enema is a Greek word meaning to send or eject into. History places the use of coffee enemas as far back as 1500 BC. They are mentioned in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus the first known medical text. The ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and cultures from India and China used them. More recently the American Indians, using the bladder of a small animal and a small bone. You hear them mentioned in pre-revolutionary France and more amazing they were considered the standard of care in the Merck manual until the 1970”s. Coffee enemas are considered one of the oldest medical remedies still in use in the world today. Modern day medical doctors use them now only in child birth.
Part of modern day history was the genius a young boy in Germany named Max Gerson, the founder of the Gerson Institute, he had his hands and his soul in the dirt daily. He watched carefully as the round worms slowly slithered out of the ground and moved away after the fertilized crops of potatoes were placed in the earth. Something was wrong, a sustainable crop and a  living thriving ecosystem were no longer compatible.Years later, Max Gerson, set out to heal the un-healable and he instinctively knew it had something to do with those worms.
Max Gerson re-introduced the Coffee Enema as part of his protocol to restoring the body to a healthy state.
William Kelly, another pioneer in the field of natural medicine like Max Gerson instinctively knew that living separate and out of balance with the natural laws of nature contributed to all illness, not the least of which his own cancer.
Because his tumors were so close to the surface he was able to use himself as a genie pig watching closely what caused his tumors to grow and what caused them to shrink. He noticed that if he ate sugar that the tumors would start to grow within twenty minutes. He also noticed that if he ate fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and celery juice the tumors would begin to shrink. 
If he ate meat they would grow, if he ate live foods, greens and sprouted grains the tumors would shrink. It was through this process of observation that he was able to determine a diet that would eliminate his tumors.
The only problem with this was as the tumors were shrinking he was getting sicker and sicker. Like any perpetual scholar he went to the medical library and found in all places, the Merck Manual that coffee enemas help treat tumor lysis syndrome, basically the poisoning of the body from the die off debris from the tumors. The system, especially the liver gets so over loaded that it can not handle the detoxification from the die off. 
Dr. Kelly took this information home with him and started giving himself coffee enemas and found that it almost immediately stopped the deterioration of his health.
He wanted to understand why coffee enemas worked, and he discovered that while drinking coffee will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, causing the liver to shut down and decreasing the PH of the body contributing to an acid PH (see PH) Drinking coffee also constricts and causes spasms to the capillaries. It increases blood pressure and flogs the adrenals leading to the most prevalent American consequence, Adrenal exhaustion. 
 Using coffee as an enema actually stimulates the parasympathetic. The Coffee is believed to travel through the small intestine into the liver causing the liver to dump toxins. 
According to Dr. Gonzales who wrote the wonderful book about Dr. Kelley called One Man Alone, Dr. Kelly claimed that both natural chemicals as well as caffeine in coffee, when administered through an enema, stimulate the parasympathetic nerves that stimulate the lower part of the colon, these in turn send signals through the spinal reflex directly to the liver and the gallbladder, thus causing the constriction of the hepatic and bile ducts and the release of large amounts of stored wastes into the intestinal tract hence being removed through the colon.
Glutathione is made in the liver, coffee enemas as well as Gallbladder flushes can increase the production of Glutathione in the liver by increasing the production of Glutothione S- Transferace. Glutathione is the major antioxidant in the body, going after free radicals ( those cancer causing buggers). It also protects against the ravages of cigarette smoke, especially second-hand smoke. It protects against radiation as well as chemotherapy drugs and x-rays. A major player in detoxifying drugs from the body. So having increased Glutathione is a good thing.
The coffee enema also works like a dialysis passing the toxic agents across the wall of the colon. The chemicals found in coffee such as Theoplyline and Theobromine dilate the blood vessels and may counter inflammatory processes of the gut.
In addition to being included in the Merck Manual many nursing texts from the late 19th and early 20th century recommend coffee enemas for pain. Dr. Gonzales found that the only reason it was removed from the text was because of lack of room and a feeling that it was not as important as other things to include.
Why use them? Poison. We are being poisoned on every conceivable front. From the cars we drive, to the cosmetics we put on our skin to the highly processed nutrient void foods we put in our bodies. The cleaning agents we are so caviler with under our sinks and the EM disrupters we have in our homes and carry on our bodies like computers and cell phones all poison our bodies. Does this sound extreme to you? It does to me, but it is true.
Your liver is one of the major detoxifying organs of the body, along with kidneys, lungs and skin. If the toxins get backed up in the liver and are not able to move through the digestive system to be excreted in the feces they will be reabsorbed back into the body being stored in every imaginable place.
Estrogens are conjugated in the liver and then excreted through the feces. If they are not excreted they are reabsorbed setting the body up for estrogen dominant cancers and other health issues.
All the prescription and over the counter drugs we consume have serious consequences on our health. The liver can get so filled and overloaded with toxins, sludge and stones, (yes it is not just the gallbladder that get’s stones) that its cleaning action almost comes to a stand still. Here is when you will see people become very sensitive to alcohol or Excedrine etc. The liver becomes overburdened.
Many people think that being infected with parasites only happens in third world countries and the medical system in the United States for some reason does not want to deal with this issue. Testing poop is dirty work. But most people in the US have parasites and unless you catch them and eradicate them in the acute state it is thought you will go to the grave with them. There are a couple of drugs that will go after them but then you have to do the clean up from the toxins associated with these drugs, like removing arsenic from the body. Until PRL products killing parasites in the chronic phase was not possible. Now it is an everyday occurrence.
There are over 200 parasites that plague humans not the least of which are Guardia and liver flukes. Taking parasite killing formulas, and using other formulas to open the bile ducts liver flukes can be passed out of the liver and gallbladder during gallbladder flushes and coffee enemas. I have heard of a patent who passed a 12″ fluke after doing 100 or so enemas over a 2 year period. Once the proper protocol is in place it will take much less time to kill and pass liver flukes.
The Guardia parasite lays its eggs by perforating the intestinal wall and laying them on the other side of the intestinal wall. The incubation period for these eggs is 9-13 months. So if you just take a drug to get rid of parasites once these eggs hatch you are back into the battle. However if you take parasite killing PRL products and use castor oil packs with heat on the intestines at the same time it will cause the eggs to hatch they will move back into the intestinal lumina and eat their last meal. 
Most important those in the US who eat the SAD, which is most of us have so polluted our bodies with highly processed foods that we have created an environment for parasites to take hold and thrive. We eat oils that have never been consumed by a human and were not intended to be like Canola oil. (The oils that we should consume like olive oil have been grossly tainted because of the US insistence they be washed in an alkaloid rinse and then put into clear bottles where the heat and the light promptly turn them rancid. There is only one source left in the world where you can get truly high quality olive oil that has not be degraded by solvents, light and heat, and that is cold pressed and unrefined olive oil from Moroccan olives.) We eat non food and nutrient void foods and wonder why illness is able to take hold.
When to do a coffee enemas?
Coffee enemas are best performed between 11:00 Am and 2:00 PM because this the the time slot when the liver and Gallbladder dump their toxins into the small intestine. 
This time is even more important for those of you who have had your gallbladder removed, because with no gallbladder to store bile it is best to eat the meals that will contain fats during these hours when the liver will be naturally dumping it’s bile. Eating at other times puts a stress on the digestive system because little or no bile will be present to emulsify the fat.
Under the best of circumstances we need one and a half quarts of bile per day to digest out foods properly. With the advent of processed foods, fake and rancid oils and high consumption of refined white sugar our production of bile is diminished to about one and a half cups per day this leads to the formation of thick sluggish bile and gallstones, creating digestive problems and ultimately more serious diseases. 
When patients tell me that they are chronically constipated I know they are in serious trouble. If you do not move your bowels a minimum of one time per day you are constipated in my opinion. The normal transit time for a healthy bowel is twenty four hours, that means when you eat a meal within 24 hours it should pass from your body. Those who eat the SAD (Stand American Diet) have an average transit time of 96 hours. Plenty of time for toxins to do their dirty work and set up house. Creating an environment in the gut to develop any number of intestinal symptoms.
I have actually had patients when asked if they have normal bowel movements answer yes, and then tell me they only have a bowel movement once per week, stating that that is the way it has always been and that is “normal” for them. Trust me that is not normal for anyone. Read my lips, 24 hours! If you are not moving your bowels regularly you can not be healthy, period.
What does it take to have a healthy bowel movement?
In order to have a healthy bowel movement a number of things must be in place. First your body must be hydrated. Dehydration is among the main contributors to ill health and a myriad of strange symptoms such as lightheadedness, muscle
spasms and cramps. Shortness of breath, racing heart as well as exhaustion and chronic fatigue may also be indicators of dehydration. I once saw a three year old child come into my office looking like a wilted flower. She was listless and cranky, her grandmother said she had been like this since she had picked her up from school. I immediately mixed her an electrolyte drink and had her drink it. Right before our eyes she instantly came back to life and unfolded into a animated little girl again. Do not underestimate the power of hydration.
Fiber in the diet is essential for a healthy bowel movement, both soluble and insoluble fiber. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and legumes and you will have the fiber necessary to have a healthy bowel movement.
Exercise causes the muscles to work and the peristalsis to be stimulated assuring a successful bowel movement.
Cautions with Coffee Enemas.
Coffee enemas, just like having diarrhea can deplete your body of hydration and especially electrolytes. I always recommend  that my patients first drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. If you weigh 150 pounds then you need to drink 75 ounces of water. If you get thirsty you have waited way too long. I also recommend an electrolyte replacement drink, Endura from Metagenics is perfect for this.
Coffee enemas can also cause a drop in blood sugar, so eating something right after the enema as well as taking the electrolyte enhancer will stop that in it’s tracks. Remember you must listen closely to your body and more so when you are engaged in a detoxification program. It will almost always tell you what you need and if you are going too fast or slow.

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