Now this is a very sensitive subject for most. It is with this topic that most patients cross their arms and set their jaw going in to all out defensive mode. One of the most challenging things for people to do is to take an honest look at what they are eating and even more challenging to change or alter what they eat.

So unfold your arms relax your jaw and open your mind to the possibility that what you are eating day in and day out may contribute directly to the cause of your complaints, from joint pain to full on disease.

Once you become familiar with the work Dr. Shirley does, you will understand that manipulating the pH of the body is the first step to regaining optimum health. PH again, is the level of oxygen in your blood, if it is too acid it slows down and in some cases shuts down many of the natural functions of the body. Most biochemical reactions require an Alkaline environment. There is a very tight range in which the body works at optimum and that is with-in 6.2-7.0. Too high or too low will set the body up for illness and disease.

So you might ask what does that have to do with my diet? Well actually it has everything to do with your diet. The body takes in foods some acid and some alkaline, if you eat too much acid forming foods the PH will drop. When this happens and the blood becomes too acid it will have to rob from somewhere else in the body to bring it into balance. There are a few buffering systems in the body, like the kidneys but if you continually eat too acid forming foods the body in it’s attempt to keep the blood PH within range will begin pulling calcium out of the bones to buffer it. Opps now we are starting on the road to osteoporosis, muscle and joint pain.

Dr. Shirley had a women patient who was post-menopausal who came into the office with constant muscle cramps and weakness. She even had difficulty getting up from a sitting position. After doing some testing it was determined that she had very low minerals, once that was corrected her muscle cramps stopped and her strength returned.

So what could you be eating that would cause you to have an acid pH? Soda is one of the majors players because it is high in Phosphorous which opposes calcium. Meat is acid forming, along with coffee, grains, alcohol and sugar. Oh my gosh, you may be asking what else is left to eat. Fruits and veggies for the most part are alkalizing.

I am not saying you have to be a vegetarian but I am saying is that in order to be healthy and create a PH between 6.4-7.0 you have to eat a very balanced diet. Most people need to cut down on the processed foods and increase the “live” foods in their diets.

Dr. Watson will have you keep a journal of what you are eating and will then make suggestions on how you could change your diet to support better health. Each person is very individual but there are some general changes that can cause profound shifts toward outrageous health.

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