Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a simple and safe way of letting the body tell us what it needs in order to heal and be healthy through kinesiological testing(Bi-Digital 0-Ring) and analysis of the body’s biofield. Developed by Dr. Bob Marshall, QRA is a simple but effective, comprehensive system of assessing the energy fields within the body and then identifying supplements, lifestyle changes and removal of interferences in the bio-field that may help restore balance. When you are not completely healthy or an area of your body is weakened through disease (or other factors) the energetic frequency of the area changes and QRA can measure that. The goal of this practice is to leverage these techniques and identify areas where you may be suffering from suboptimal functioning endeavoring to restore health, energy and optimum function to your body.


QRA offers the following benefits;

1. A “whole body” approach to health.

2. Ability to quickly locate the body’s weaknesses (interference’s in the biofield) and determine the drivers of illness  (allergies, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, etc).

3. Ability to determine nutritional formulas to match your body’s specific needs. (Cellular Resonance)

4. Integration of practices including kinesiology, nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle changes.

5. Addresses the emotional drivers of illness. 

What to Expect
Prior to your first visit, you will fill out a very comprehensive intake form (oh my gosh 15 pages, but trust me it really helps Dr. Shirley greatly) . It asks you to explain in detail your current health status, primary complaints , health history, and your current lifestyle habits (including diet, exercise, supplements you use, etc). Your health goals will be discussed along with past traumas to your body. Even emotional issues will be addressed, mind and body as well as spirt play a role in our health. All this information will be used to evaluate your personal needs in order to restore your body to optimal or as Dr. Shirley likes to say Outrageous health.

On your first visit, Dr. Shirley will evaluate and discuss your completed form. Based on her testing you may begin day one with a regiment of supplements and dietary changes that will start you on the road to better health. Subsequent visits will include further nutrition and supplement guidance as well as other techniques to restore you to the level of health we were intended to have.

For Detailed Information

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