It was a painful back that brought me to Dr. Shirley Watson. I had been living on anti-inflamitories, various drugs to treat nerve pain, and the use of a back brace for physical activity.  Through conventional medicine,  my doctors speculated the cause was anything from surgical adhesions as a result of a prior surgery to Kidney Stones.  Painful injections, Acupuncture  Physical Therapy, XRays, and CT Scan all provided no relief or answers.

After exhausting all other alternatives, I decided to try a Chiropractor. My first visit with Dr. Shirley was eye opening and the issue was certainly more involved than I ever dreamed. She let me know that my back pain was not purely a structural problem but emotional and nutritional as well. Indeed, I was in the process of losing my mother to Parkinson’s Disease and my eating habits had never been all that good!  With her urging, I needed to address my grieving process, my spiritual needs, nutrition and exercise. Certainly more than I bargained for.

I’ll never forget those days that she suggested such things as eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet. Eating vegetables at breakfast time. Liver/Gallbladder Flushes. Meditation. Quite honestly, there where times that I thought that all of  this was wildly crazy!  As a lifelong asthmatic, again I’ll never forget the time that she announced that “I think we can get you off of that inhaler”. Well that was it, although part of me was skeptical at best, she had already gained my trust and I decided to jump in feet first.  It was 35 years ago that I was diagnosed as an Asthmatic.  Allergy Shots, Steroids, Rescue Inhalers, trips to the Emergency Room, chronic coughing and wheezing were front and center in my life.
I embarked on a journey of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, Mud packs, changes in breathing habits and addressing dental concerns. Dr. Shirley’s wisdom, insight and healing abilities can be compared to very few. I learn something new every time I see her. Tenacity is her middle name! It’s not unusual to hear that she had arose in the middle of the night with a new idea for my health protocol. At times, somewhat discouraged myself, she always finds a way to motivate me to find my own optimal health and stay that way. Lifestyle changes that seemed so difficult at first are a welcome part of my daily routine.
To date, my embarrassing coughing and wheezing have subsided. I can exercise without experiencing Exercise Induced Asthma. I am no longer tethered to my rescue inhaler. My sleeping habits have improved, no more Hot flashes, I’ve lost some weight, and I even have a toenail fungus that cleared up!  Let’s not forget the reason that I initially came to Dr. Shirley. Yes, my back pain is gone as well. I haven’t experienced this level of wellness in close to 40 years. It is truly outrageous!  Words can’t adequately describe how wonderful I’m feeling today. Quite simply, Gratitude. Dr. Shirley, you have changed my life in a profound way!

“Where do I BEGIN with Dr. Shirley Watson!? Quite simply, she’s changed my life in so many areas, and well beyond nutrition. I thought I was already pretty healthy when I first saw Dr. Shirley, I knew I ate well, but quickly realized that that’s just the beginning of being truly healthy. Dr. Shirley has educated me beyond my wildest dreams, and has a awakened a passion in me I didn’t know existed. I’m eating even better now, I’m way more knowledgeable about foods, supplements, our digestive systems and our organs, feeling more balanced than ever before, working deeply on my important relationships and my spirituality, and looking forward to being my most outrageously healthy self!

I am so committed to the work, and respond so positively to Dr. Shirley’s style, I am beyond grateful that she’s been brought into my life. In addition, I’ve just enrolled in a year-long nutrition program, which I’m so excited about, as I hope to some day impact people’s lives the way Dr. Shirley has impacted mine. I truly believe that I wouldn’t be moving in this direction had it not been for working with Dr. Shirley Watson. At first, I didn’t think I could afford this work, or that I could commit to the daily protocol, and now I believe I can’t afford NOT to do this work, and the protocol is completely second nature to me. I wish Dr. Shirley could work with the entire world, it would truly be a better place.”

— Leslie

“I first went to see Dr. Shirley Watson for her chiropractic services. She helped me enormously through my second pregnancy and I am convinced that much of the reason I was able to deliver without the aid of drugs was because of the chiropractic work we did together. Needless to say, after that experience, I felt that I could completely trust her with my body and mind.
Sometime around the winter of 2009, I came down with a vicious stomach flu. I was violently ill for a few days, and then it seemed to pass. But a couple of weeks later, I noticed that my stomach was noticeably distended, almost all the time. At that point I began to seek help through western medicine, and went through every procedure possible to figure out what was wrong with me. After a year and a half of working closely with a gastroenterologist and seeing many specialists, the final prognosis was Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had been off wheat and dairy for about a year and had spent all that time focusing on the problem, and in the end, these doctors essentially were saying, ‘ We don’t really know what this is or why you have it.’ I was done exploring that route. It was at that point that Dr. Shirley introduced me to QRA. She was- as usual- very straight forward with me. She told me she could get me back to where I had been before I got sick, but that it would take a lot of sacrifice and a lot of work and probably a lot of money. At that point, I had been wearing my old maternity clothes for almost a year and I had had enough, so I said, ‘Sign me up!’.
I committed to the entire protocol- the mudding, the liver/gallbladder flushes, the ERTs, and a whole mess of supplements. Within 5 months, I was feeling 50% better, and by the time a year had passed, I was completely back to myself. But working with Dr. Shirley and QRA  has changed my life beyond restoring my intestinal health. I have more energy than I’ve ever had; I used to lag every afternoon and now my energy doesn’t ever seem to wane. I also started noticing little things, like the fact that I used to wake up and feel stiff; that doesn’t happen anymore. I also rarely experience PMS and I have never slept better in my life.
More importantly, it has only been since I began working with Dr. Shirley that I have been able to accomplish the kinds of changes in my life that I have been talking about for years. I had been unhappy with my professional life for many years and had felt helpless in terms of making a change; after a year of cleansing my body and mind, I was finally able to carve out a new path for myself professionally and make the kinds of changes that I could never even visualize before. In short, the “sacrifices” that I have had to make this last year and a half no longer feel like sacrifices. They feel like well- informed, educated choices that I have made to improve my life. I wouldn’t change a thing I have done, or a penny I have spent.
I plan on continuing the “maintenance” program that I am on now; that level of commitment requires much less in terms of time or money and I am confident that now, as before, my financial investment in QRA only lessens my chances of having to spend thousands of dollars on doctor and hospital bills later on in life. I feel as though I was handed the keys to this magic castle of health, and I have to restrain myself from sharing it with everyone I know. That’s, in fact, the hard part. QRA is not in the mainstream in any way, and many people might approach it with a great deal of skepticism. I know that the desperation I felt after being ill and uncomfortable for so long gave me the impetus to get involved. But I am convinced that if we all were able to follow this protocol from the very beginning of our lives, we simply would not get sick, and more importantly, we would all be living our lives to their full potential. To this end, I have slowly been incorporating some basic principles of the QRA protocol into my home, and my children are reaping the benefits already. Just by introducing pink salt and some other basic nutritional supplements into their diet, I have noticed that they have gotten sick much less frequently than before.
I thank my lucky stars that Dr. Shirley Watson came into my life, because she has improved my life greatly. Thank you Dr. Shirley!!”
— Julie