Testing the Teeth
Any tooth may be tested to determine whether any immune stress is present: in the tooth itself, at the root, the gums, or in a dental restoration.
Decaying Teeth
Old teeth decay (whether it is painful or not) and can cause chronic symptoms in other parts of your body. This is why it is necessary to repair or remove decayed teeth as soon as possible according to the QRA Dental Protocol.
Dead Teeth
A dead tooth slowly releases putrid by products which can cause chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms in your body. Rarely do you know when a tooth is dead.
Silver Fillings in your Teeth
Silver fillings contain toxic heavy metals such as mercury, a known health destroyer. 
Other Toxic Dental Work
Most common dental materials are toxic, such as gold alloys, porcelain, stainless steel, palladium, titanium posts or implants. Replace toxic dental work with bio-compatible materials according to the QRA Protocol.
Old Root Canals
Conventional root canal therapy typically uses gutta percha (which contains mercury, barium, cadmium and lead) to fill the canals. These toxic metals slowly leach into the body.

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